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Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 18:06:26 +0100

Hi friends,

there is some new stuff available at You can order all the material which was produced so far from Issaries Inc. under secure or postal order under sales on the website.

Furthermore you can take a look under Tentacles - YBoT # 4 on the frontcover of the oncoming Scenario Book - Ye Booke of Tentacles # 4. It will be ready around chrismas and will be printed in the beginning of January.

The Comic "Path of the Damned" # 2 is now in print and I will getting it soon. So if you want to order it for Chrismas it will the best time to do so. I have still some issues of Path of the Damned # 1 left, if you haven't ordered the Glorantha comic yet.

Moonrites - the Fundraiser for GLORANTHA CON VIII - is also nearly ready and will be in print in the middle of December. Moonrites describes a lot of interesting matters about the Lunar Empire, so you should order it if you want to play there or if you use them as antagonists in Sartar.

Widow's Tale - the first fiction Book with 236 pages from Penelope Love will also printed soon. We think we can deliver it for Chrismas.

So take a look at sales and then secure order at to spend you chrismas gratification on a lot of fine Glorantha stuff ;-)



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