Re: GloranthaCon Video Offer

From: Peter Tracy <bachelornewtling_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 21:23:41 +1100

> Q&A with Robin Laws

Has anyone worked out a remote way to ask a Q for Q&A or the Lore Auctions? I for one am completely unable to attend, but have always like to ask prickly Q's.

> "Glorantha Seminars" is $80, "Non-Gloranthan Seminars is $45 and
> "Convention Highlights" is $20 (all US).

I'd have convert my measly Aussie dollars. OUCH! Still, thats a lot of DVD's.

Another idea is to have a webcam setup. Get punters to pay for a secret URL, ID and Password, and the can watch it live. Easy.

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