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Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:19:51 -0000

> Or perhaps *because* of that fact -- if the game system already has
> every conceivable rule (albeit in generic form), you don't need
> new 'uns in the setting books. (Hero Wars ought by rights to be at
> the other end of this spectrum, with just a handful of rules. I
> say it's in the "middle ground" that you'd find rules-heavy setting
> books).

Then again Hero Wars has few rules, but they can cover pretty much any human field of endeavour, so perhaps it achieves the same effect as GURPS (rules light supplements) through different tactics.

> I quite agree that "GURPS BRP" would be rather uninteresting. I am
> not convinced that there is no longer a market for "RuneQuest-like"
> adventuring in Glorantha, though clearly Issaries, Inc. are making
> effort to satisfy any demand for such.

Perhaps Pyramid articles would be good vehicles for this kind of thing? No idea who'd write such things though, as I don't have the necessery GURPS know-how.

Simon Hibbs

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