Guess what... another demo-related question

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 15:17:16 -0000

Yes, it's me, back to plague everyone with another question related to the demo scenario... I thought I'd asked this before, but I can't find the question or any answer, so here goes again...

If a character takes an Unrelated Action (to augnment an Ability, for instance) during combat, must he do it when it's his turn to bid? If not, what is his defence or resistance to attack by the opponent, if it's the opponent's turn to bid AP? The FAQ seems to suggest the opponent just rolls a simple Ability roll, and applies the result, which seems a bit nasty, deadly against an opponent with Masteries! Also, if he DOES use his bid for an Unrelated Action, can his opponent use his Ability to attack, as most Unrelated Actions will not involve AP bids. This would then swap active characters.

I note that one character in the demo has Strong 2W2 (not bad at all!), and use of it to augment his Mace Combat is commented on as being instant and needing no action.


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