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Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 11:02:26 -0000

> Therefore, if someone manages to kill it, they must have
decapitated it.
> In HW terms, this means that if someone drives it to Complete
> the description of how that was done must include decapitation.
> It does NOT mean that the final die roll against the creature must
> with an attack using an edged weapon or using a Decapitate Foe feat.

And then goes on to provide excelent and very gameable advice on how feats and abilities such as this can be used. I'll only add a marginal note for emphasis.

Note that this does not mean attack and defence abilities are all interchangeable. The particular foiles of a particular ability come into play by affecting the appropriateness modifiers you force your opponents to accept depending on what abilities they choose to oppose you with. A Decapitate Foe feat is obviously directly usable against a foe with a 'Can be killed only bu decapitation' ability at no penalty, while even Close Combat might suffer an appropriateness modifier.

This is also why fixed rules for each feat are not the solution. There are thousands, possibly millions of potential feats and abilities in Hero Wars and no set of detailed rules can ever expect to cover each possible combination.

Having said that, I still believe that rather than relying on this forum to provide examples and advice on how to do this, there should be examples and advice in the main rules and I am hopefull that HeroQuest will address this need.

Simon Hibbs

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