Re: Neat idea

From: flynnkd2 <flynnkd_at_...> <flynnkd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 02:46:33 -0000

On a similar vein (vampire joke), I have been trying think how to work Shield Breaker into an actual event of breaking their shield. Previous discussion has been around absorbing it into the AP system or running it as a simple contest within the AP system. What I want is an action that deprives them of their shield (lowers their defensive edge) but is not an easy task such that they do it all the time. Taking into account magical and or rune metal shields, shields of quality or large sheilds etc...

Just to head off narrative answers, I would like a system based answer... perhaps equate a shield to an AP bid? You have to bid X AP to destroy this shield and specifically say that is the aim of your attack and have Shield Breaker running... but what AP bid seems appropriate? and how much stronger is a magical shield to a normal one?

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