Re: Re: Neat idea

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:23:15 -0800

> Just to head off narrative answers, I would like a system based
> answer... perhaps equate a shield to an AP bid? You have to bid X
> AP to destroy this shield and specifically say that is the aim of
> your attack and have Shield Breaker running... but what AP bid
> seems appropriate? and how much stronger is a magical shield to a
> normal one?

System eh? Okay, off the top of my head...

Inflict a Wound with enough points to remove the edge provided by the shield. IE - a ^1 shield would need a 7 point win (not bid!) to be destroyed, a ^2 shield 14 AP, etc. Same for Weapon or Armor breakers - multiply the edge granted by 7 to determine how many AP need to be lost before the thing is gone. You might allow partial losses - a 7 point bid takes the Broadsword down by ^1, 14 more AP take out the broadsword entirely, but you should probably require each 7 AP to be done in one shot, though - ie. a 11 AP win only does -^1 damage to the object, not -^1.5.

Magical shields have some number that is applied as an edge - whether it is simply "+^3" or "Shield 10w2" translated into and edge by Augments. While a Mundane shield would only resist with 14 at all times (no matter how big an Edge it gives), a magical shield should resiste either with Edge*7, or it's Ability rating. So the +^3 Shield resists at 1w, the Shield 10w2 is *really* tough to break.



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