sci-fi energy fields/magical damage-protecting auras

From: Toksickburn_at_...
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:40:59 EST

Hi everybdy!

At the moment, im very addicted to the pc-strategy game: "StarCraft", which is a realtime sci-fi warsimulation between three different races (Humans, psi/tech/cyber="Protoss", "Zerg"="Alien"-like all-is-bio creatures) One of the races, the so called Protoss, have energy shields around them. These shields absorb all kinds of damages on a one to one ratio ("one"point of point takes "one"point of shield energy). When the shields energy is used up, it breaks down and all further damage is applied to the creature itself, until it has regenerated its energy (which takes time).

So i asked myself how to simulate this with HQ (could be as well imagined as a magical spell)

The obvious idea is that the shield gives you extra AP for absorbing damage only until they are used up.
But then again, im not sure. A shield gives you a better position in combat, so these AP should add to your total AP as well, no?!

Another option would be to give the shield a rating (quite a big one, i guess), that augments the warrior. But how can you simulate that the shield gets weaker when it soaks up damage and regenerates ??



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