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From: Jane Williams <janewilliams20_at_...>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:54:39 +0000 (GMT)

> Hardly the party of good-but-otherwise-normal
> clanboys and girls as
> described in TR/ST/BA/OiD, or even in the sample
> characters section of HW, don't you think?

Definitely not.  

> Would you deny that, so far, the standard character
> of HW is the Heortling
> fyrdman (in all his incarnations)?

As published, yes, that's the "standard" so far. But is it what people are actually playing? I doubt it!  

> And that the standard foe of the standard character
> is the Enemy (Tarsh/Dara Happan...) Soldier?

Nope. The standard foe is either the next clan down the road, or some Chaotic Nasty.

> How many pages of sourcebooks are devoted to ducks
> and trollkins as opposed
> to the above mentioned characters?

Enough to play them. In fact, a whole book on Uz!

> If your campaign's focus is on Ducks, they you
> should renormalize everything on them.

And if it mixes Ducks, humans, Uz, and so on....? just who do you imagine is going to stay in their stead and never meet anyone outside the "fyrdsman" standard?

> It's a characteristic of HW, that you have
> to scale everything on
> the characters anyway. There are no absolute values
> (and this is _good_ IMO,

But there *are* absolute values (and there have to be!) Otherwise why would any of the NPCs or opponents in any published scenarios have any numbers against them at all? If you want everything to vary between games, NPC stats would have to be of the form "Broyan's CC is one mastery better than the top fighter in the party". Or, better, "Broyan's CC is one mastery better than whatever a tribal champion is in your game". Unless "10W2" is a standard across all games, the published stats might as well not exist.

> Centigrade is better:
> > we all know the freezing and boiling points of
> water.
> > (Unless we're a long way up a mountain). And
> Kelvin is
> > ideal, because absolute zero is just that, even if
> > we're never going to actually meet zero degrees (I
> > hope!)
> "Brr... It's cold today, eh?"
> "Hell yes, it's 275 K!"
> I think it's odd. I don't like to handle big
> numbers. :)

Then compromise on Centigrade: which is, after all, only Kelvin normalised by 273 degrees. But at least we know that it's 273, not 300 in your place and 250 in mine.

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