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Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 23:24:08 -0700

Philip Hibbs

> >Sure could be -- so how come you and your narrator
> >aren't going over the characters together at the start?
>It has only been a problem a couple of times with powergaming GMs, but it has
>made me aware of the potential for abuse.

I think most of the times I've been the narrator, I've found additional abilities in the 100 words that the player missed. This step of going over the character together is well worth it.

Wulf asked

>If a character takes an Unrelated Action (to augnment an Ability, for
>instance) during combat, must he do it when it's his turn to bid?

I imagine so.

>not, what is his defence or resistance to attack by the opponent, if
>it's the opponent's turn to bid AP?

This has nothing to do with anything. When you resist an attack, you choose whatever ability you want to resist with. And you always get to roll for this. This is always a separate roll from when you choose to attack (when you also get to choose an ability to attack with, which doesn't have to be the same as your defending ability). Don't forget, you take turns being attacker (and making a bid) and defender. The unrelated action is in place of your turn of being attacker.

For what it's worth, I don't remember *ever* seeing an unrelated action. They almost always simply fit into an extended group contest.

Philip again:

>Does this mean that anyone with "Strong" at a reasonable level should always
>make an extra die roll before combat?



>remembered the Shimmering
>Cloak treasure in King of Dragon Pass which 'Helps us evade our foes in
>battle'. Is anything more known about what this thing is in myth or the
>inner world, where it comes from, who has it, and such?

Don't forget, I didn't create everything in the game! I suspect this was Robin's creation, though Rob also created a bunch of treasures (only a few were my own).

In general, I'd say nothing is known about any of the many treasures found in King of Dragon Pass (and which are listed on both fan sites devoted to the game). Give them whatever Hero Wars meaning that you're happy with.

Given that this treasure only helps you run away (the Evade tactic), I don't think it's a general purpose thing. (It's also not clear how one cloak can affect all your warriors!)

BTW, trying to convert Shimmer spirit magic is exactly the sort of thing I was pointing out (on the Glorantha Digest) is near impossible. However, its purpose in RQ3 is to make you harder to hit. Thus, it should probably be a feat which can be used to defend in combat.

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