Re: Awkward abilities

From: jamesjhawkins <James.Hawkins_at_...>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 2003 13:17:30 -0000

> The first is 'Lucky'. I asked for examples of use, and he suggested
> that in combat an opponent that was about to kill him might
> trip over and miss, or he might 'luckily' guess a password, etc.
> Essentialy he could use it to help him in pretty much any situation
> where a lucky accident might help him.

Obviously an ability that could be used to augment any other cannot be allowed. (If you want all your abilities to be plus one, then spend taht stack of HPs!) For the specific uses, however, I would consider Lucky Escape, or Lucky Guess. I suppose that the resistances would generally be quite high.

(Also, I agree with Andrew Graham's point in another mail that a plain Luck ability should only be used in situations where the outcome is random. I've occasionally been in situations where characters having Luck would have been useful, as it was I had to pick somebody at random using dice.)

> The other ability is 'intuitive Leap', which would allow his
> character to gues or figure out just about any kind of
> information he might want to know.

I think I'd allow Intuitive as an ability. It would be much less powerful than the above example though: the character might get a hint or a hunch about something for example.

Perversely, Inituitive could be a flaw. Suppose the characters have to sit down and work something out, or gather evidence. Somebody Inituitive might not be disposed to doing that.



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