Re: HW/Q Forgotten Realms?

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_...>
Date: Fri, 02 May 2003 19:27:45 +0200

Jane :

> This is probably a daft question, but....

Hmmmm ... the jury's still out ... ;-)

> I'm gradually learning D&D as part of a Forgotten Realms campaign. I
> like the characters, I like the setting, but the more I learn of the
> rules the more I loathe them.


> Any idea if it would be possible to convert a D&D campaign to HW/Q? At
> present the PCs are all about level 4-6, so nothing *too* bad.
> Anyone else been daft enough to even consider it?

Weird thing is that Peter Adkison's pre-D&D3 house rules were pretty close in mechanics (if not design philosophy) to HW/HQ ... (AFAIK)

Sure !

Treat character classes like keywords.

Treat all characteristics as abilities, and then convert all skills to abilities by adding +16 to attack numbers or skill ranks (but see high-level characters below).

Or any other sensible method.

Forget about non-HW/HQ rules : they all suck anyway ... ;-)

D&D spells might need some fiddling : use HW/HQ number of tagets/range/distance tables etc to find out what [D+nn] the spells are. Probably add +X/spell level to Difficulty numbers.

Treat each different Cleric spell level as a separate Affinity, expecting previous level to be known at 1W before new one can be learned. Retain spell lists. Forget about the difference between Initiates and Devotees.

Randomly assign spells of various Wizard spell levels to Grimoires. Assign [D+nn] to high-level spells in any Grimoire.

Double HP cost for increasing magic for Paladins, Rangers, etc.

Quadruple HP cost for non-spellcasters.

Double HP cost for increasing Combat skills for non-Fighters.


Changing Character Class : Arbitrarily assign variable HP costs to gain each character class, and decide other prerequisites also.

You can probably come up with a simple table for this.

Keep cool/stupid D&D spell names.
Dump all other parts of spell descriptions (they suck!).

Make sure that "Surprise opponents" is a core character ability, base TN depending on race/keyword ... ;-)

Design a stupid table to convert GPs to HPs.

1.000 GPs = +1 HP
3.000 GPs = +2 HP
6.000 GPs = +3 HP
10.000 GPs = +4 HP

15.000 GPs = +5 HP
21.000 GPs = +6 HP

Etc ...

Make an extended Alien World table based on stupid D&D cosmology, saying what sort of bonuses/ penalties creatures from each plane enjoy/suffer in each different plane. Make it *detailed* !! ;-)

Make heavier use of the Wounds rules than standard HW.

Double all weapons plusses : a +5 sword should be +10 instead.

Keep the Edges rule to differentiate mundane weapons.

Forget "go with the story" : "go with the dice" instead !!

Converting existing high-level characters :

D&D levels 0-20 should be more or less equivalent to TNs 10 - 10W10; so, each level should be worth +10 worth of D&D skills bonus;

So, high-level characters should have ability numbers equal to 6 + (level * 10) + other pertinent bonuses

That could be (level * 5) ; (level * 3) ; (level * 1) etc depending upon ability and character class.

But of course it will be far simpler to just come up with characters than convert them.

Anyone else have any bright ideas / snide comments ?


Julian Lord

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