HQ Common Magic question

From: Michael Bowman <bowman_at_...>
Date: Mon, 5 May 2003 12:30:22 -0700

I've just read the Runemaster-level HQ preview and have a question about Common Magic and concentrating your magic.

Say I'm Joe Powergamer :) I want lots o magic power, so decide to play a Devotee of Vinga Helamakt. Now, in order for my character to devote herself, she needs to concentrate her magic in theistic magic.

So, common magic. Characters start with 5 common magic abilities. They can be feats, talents, charms, etc. As a power gamer, I will of course choose to make all 5 of them feats, so I can continue to use them once I've concentrated my magic as theistic magic. Unfortunately, I would expect most players to do the same. Just call everything the type that matches what you may or will concentrate in.

So, two questions/comments:

  1. Why use this process? Many characters will not be affected by concentration anyway, so wouldn't it be easier to eliminate this?
  2. Or perhaps, one should make common magic one of the types (one could say all common magic is talents) one can concentrate in: thus, you could concentrate on theistic magic, animistic magic, sorcery, or common magic.

Am I misunderstanding the way this works?


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