Re: Re: HQ Common Magic question

From: Michael Bowman <bowman_at_...>
Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 17:58:36 -0700


On Monday, May 05, 2003, at 04:08PM, Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...> wrote:

>> But, they won't need to give it up, as they'll just call it all feats.
>> If a common magic ability is a feat, then you can still use it if you
>> concentrate on theistic magic, as it is theistic magic. That's the part
>> I don't get. I would say either remove some of the players' flexibility
>> in assigning what type of magic their common magic abilities are (for
>> example, in the Heortling keyword, they're all Talents from Flesh Man;
>> thus, you could say that the majority of Heortling characters' common
>> magic abilities are Talents, not Feats) or else put the concentration
>> limit on Common Magic vs. specialized magic.
>Except that when you get to devotee you have to give up all magic that
>doesn't come from your god (besides having concentrated your magic). So it's
>an okay strategy if you plan to be an initiate all your life.

Ah. I had missed that. That clears up my problems, then.

>While almost all Player Heroes (except for a few *role*player Timmy Trollkin
>types) will end up concentrating their magic, most people in Glorantha
>don't. Heortlings are a specific case of a people who *do* concentrate their
>magic to a great extent. But in the Empire, or in the West, or in the East,
>most people will tend to be "communal worshippers" of the local religion.
>After all, you don't expect everyone you meet in the West to be a Sorcerer
>or Liturgist do you?

Good point. I think common magic is going to work well for these types of people.



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