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Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 07:49:59 +0100 (BST)

So an initiate can't improvise feats anymore then? Seems like a bit of a con to me... :-)


Ash - who's probably got it all wrong

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> subject: Re: Re: HQ Common Magic question
> > In terms of magic power, then, what is the point of becoming a
> > Devotee? Or, put differently, what is the point of having expensive
> > magic affinities when mundane abilities are much cheaper and also
> > have other uses?
> >
> > I realize there are lots of reasons for a person to become a Devotee
> > that have nothing to do with power gaming, but for the moment I am
> > interested in the power dynamics.
> Because a devotee's feats will allow him to do things (like, say, Leap Over
> Trees, or Run Over Water) which are normally "impossible", where an
> initiate's affinities only give him a (small) augment to a mundane skill
> and, when using feats, your resistance is often only 14 instead of the
> tree's "Tall 13w4".
> It is by my order and for the good of the state that the bearer of this has
> done what he has done.
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