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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 09:33:15 -0700

> >Because a devotee's feats will allow him to do things (like, say, Leap
> >Trees, or Run Over Water) which are normally "impossible", where an
> >initiate's affinities only give him a (small) augment to a mundane skill
> >and, when using feats, your resistance is often only 14 instead of the
> >tree's "Tall 13w4".
> So am I interpreting this statement correctly if I say that initiates can
> only use their feats as augments while a devotee can actually use the feat
> by itself as an ability. Sorry if I seem dense but this seems to be quite
> departure from Hero Wars (not that I disapprove, far from it).

Initiates use their *affinities* as augmenters (and may improvise feats at -10, -5 if they concentrated their magic, as Camo stated). Just as in HW, initiates don't have feats per se.

Personally, there are some affinities that I would allow the player to use as a straight ability instead of an augmenter - Vanganths "Flight" affinity is pretty useless if all the player can do is use it to augment his non-existant Fly ability! So in this case I'd let the hero fly using the affinity at his normal value, but it would be slow and awkward - this is the guy that *must* lie down on his Breath and can't do a heck of a lot else. And he can't "double dip" to augment his Flight with an improvised feat, either! If you want to be Joe Cool and fly standing up, become a devotee! Note, please, that this *is* a departure from the rules as written - though you could use the "Improvise at -10" to allow flight. It's just that I think that followers of a speciality god like this are more enjoyable when you need to roll 17 instead of 7 to do their base magic. Otherwise the only followers of Vanganth would be Devotees.

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