Re: Re: HQ Common Magic question

From: Dave Camoirano <DaveCamo_at_...>
Date: Wed, 07 May 2003 12:38:42 -0400


> Personally, there are some affinities that I would allow the
> player to use
> as a straight ability instead of an augmenter - Vanganths
> "Flight" affinity
> is pretty useless if all the player can do is use it to augment his
> non-existant Fly ability! So in this case I'd let the hero fly
> using the
> affinity at his normal value, but it would be slow and awkward -
> this is the
> guy that *must* lie down on his Breath and can't do a heck of a
> lot else.
> And he can't "double dip" to augment his Flight with an
> improvised feat,
> either! If you want to be Joe Cool and fly standing up, become a
> devotee!
> Note, please, that this *is* a departure from the rules as written
> - though
> you could use the "Improvise at -10" to allow flight.
> It's just that I think
> that followers of a speciality god like this are more enjoyable
> when you
> need to roll 17 instead of 7 to do their base magic. Otherwise the
> only
> followers of Vanganth would be Devotees.

I agree here but would be more likely to suggest to the player to take "Fly" as an ability in character creation since there are Orlanthi who can fly naturally.

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