Re: HQ Common Magic question

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 14:15:48 +0200

Roderick :

> Initiates use their *affinities* as augmenters (and may improvise
> feats at -10, -5 if they concentrated their magic, as Camo stated).
> Just as in HW, initiates don't have feats per se.
> Personally, there are some affinities that I would allow the player to
> use as a straight ability instead of an augmenter - Vanganths "Flight"
> affinity is pretty useless if all the player can do is use it to
> augment his non-existant Fly ability!

Personally, I guess I'll wait to read how Common magic is presented in HQ before making any such metamagic-based decisions.

But my basic assumption is that I'd probably let Heroes use Common Magic abilities as straight abilities, and let Initiates do the same. Of course, I'd want such ability use to be justified.

The basic -10 penalty for Feat improvisation is helpful BTW !! :-)

> So in this case I'd let the hero
> fly using the affinity at his normal value, but it would be slow and
> awkward

I'd definitely relate slowness/speed & awkwardness/litheness to a character's actual TN (including -10 improvisation etc...) rather than to his initiatory status as such ...

Devotees can get augments from their Feats anyway (not to mention the better TN !), which gives them enough of an advantage in my book.

Referring to the Innate Abilities discussion of some time back, if a Vanganthi wanted to outfly a bird, I'd probably give a free bump to the bird if the Vanganthi were an Initiate, but not if he were a Devotee ...

> It's just that I think that
> followers of a speciality god like this are more enjoyable when you
> need to roll 17 instead of 7 to do their base magic.

I'd accept that as a GM ruling ... :-)

> Otherwise the
> only followers of Vanganth would be Devotees.

YGWV ... ;-) Julian Lord

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