Re: Augments?

From: Jeff <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 08 May 2003 13:22:55 -0000

Rather ineffecient use of HP.

> Are you saying I could be a Sword Fighter with a handy
> auto-augment from my Shield Fighting ability ?

Probably not. I realize that common sense is a rarity at times however you're using only one fighting technique at a time. Those things which augment it must be a bit more.

Worse, you'd get an improve penalty on both (you are fightnig neither with a sword nor with a shield). There's a nice list of sample improv penalties.  

> No criticism intended here,** just curious as to the design
> philosophy as compared to HW broad skills etc ...
> Julian Lord
> ** to be honest, I like the structure that seems to be emerging ...

Broad skills pretty much are gone.


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