RE: Re: You can't dodge bullets

From: Bruce Ferrie <bruceferrie_at_...>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 20:30:53 +0100

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003 4:51 PM, Alex Ferguson wrote:
> In one sense, this comes down to the old "scale" issue -- do motorbikes
> have a "Fast" number that one can meaningfully compare to a human's?
> (And in another, it comes down to the equally old chestnut of whether
> some abilities are qualitatively different from others (e.g. magic, etc).)

You're right. One thing I did do, though, when cooking up some notes for doing superheroes with HW was a Resistance chart for moving at high speed. I worked on the assumption that, in this context, the top end of 2 masteries would represent the top end of "normal" human capability. It worked out like this:

2 Masteries - 25 miles per hour (Olympic sprinter)
3 Masteries - 100 mph (family car)
4 Masteries - 400 mph (fast propeller plane)
5 Masteries - 1000 mph (jet plane)
6 Masteries - Thousands of mph (jet fighter)
7 Masteries - 10s of thousands of mph (spaceship)

And so forth, with speed increasing by a factor of 10 with each extra Mastery from this point. I'll have to get back to these notes and stick them on the web so that other people can look at them, I think.



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