Lokarnos Update

From: Nick Brooke <Nick_at_...>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:34:38 +0100

The Gloranthan hub, Lokarnos.com, was launched on the first of May to be "your index to all the best Gloranthan websites".

After two months, Lokarnos has over 130 registered users (*), over 600 visitors per week, and more than 500 index entries. The web server's logs show it provides more than 50 MB of data (a thousand pages!) per day to its discerning readers; our link from Issaries' front page must be responsible for some of the increase... Lokarnos will continue to evolve in response to your feedback, and eagerly awaits your contributions (both index entries and comments).

So, if you *still* haven't visited http://lokarnos.com, come on over and see what the fuss is all about! With the legacy of RuneQuest, the backdrop of the Hero Wars, and the release of HeroQuest (this month!) to build on, the future looks bright!


Nick Brooke,
Graham Robinson
and Oliver Bernuetz

(*) you don't *have* to be a registered user to enjoy and contribute to Lokarnos, although you'll be missing out on some of the site's neat stuff if you decide not to. The registration process is free, quick and usually painless. So come on over and click some widgets!

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