Re: Hope the rules hi-lite the complexity of Guardians and Community Support

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 09:02:13 -0700

> Roderick clarified something about Guardians that I had never
> noticed before. I never considered that Guardians are NECESSARY for
> Hero Questing, but the provide NO ADDITIONAL BONUS above
> facilitating the quest.
> I hope the new rules make this clear
> >
> > Guardians are necessary to carry Community support to Heroes when
> they are
> > Heroquesting, but they are then acting as conduits only, not
> giving their
> > own blessings.

Let me clarify that even further -

When your hero goes to a community for support in a HQ, *that group* needs to have a guardian to carry *their* prayers/aid into the other world to help the Hero. The hero doesn't necessarily need a guardian of his own to be a "recieving station".

Oddi goes to his family, saying "Be the Bag of Dust to help me fight the three-handed demon". His family has a guardian (actually their Ancestors), so they can help.

Oddi goes to the Clan Warband and asks them to lend their Strength during the Collapsing Ceiling of Night episode. They have a warband wyter, so they can help.

Oddi goes to his buddies (two Bison riders, a Sun dome Templar, an Uroxi Duck and a Troll) for help in the Seduction of the Goddess part. They haven't yet gotten a guardian for their little band. Oops, unless they want to accompany Oddi to the Otherworld, he can't get help from them!

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