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Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2003 09:39:47 EDT

In einer eMail vom 17.07.03 08:11:39 (MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerzeit schreibt janewilliams20_at_...:

> > My idea of "WatchTV" was to give it everybody as a
> > cultural keyword, not only students.
> So how about people like me who rarely watch TV? It
> isn't compulsory, you know.

Like driving a car. The cultural keyword is about what most people can, what is typical for that culture, as Roderick stated once in a mail here. I donīt have a tv either, still i watched tv in my childhood and youth and got knowledge from it, or other people told me about what they watched the other day.
I dont know about your country, but here in germany most people watch tv, some even dont know what to do without one. I just thought, what is so special about modern ages. And getting knowledge or being influenced a lot by media is one such thing. So how about changing it to "surrounded by Media"?



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