Re: Cultural keyword type stuff.

From: Benedict Adamson <yahoo_at_...>
Date: Sun, 20 Jul 2003 23:14:10 +0100

Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
> I wasn't justifying the numbers. I was pointing out that if you are
> mentioning something in your narrative (or list), then you really ought to
> make it stand out from the pack by adding to it during character creation.

You can get about 30 named abilities from a 100 word write up (OK, that takes some effort)*. Those 20HP to spread around don't go very far to making them 'stand out'. You would have to have no more than a piddling 5 (=20/(17-13)) abilties in your 100 word write up to make then just as good as keyword abilities.

*See for example,

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