An opportunity to sort out Mysticism.

From: orlanthumathi <orlanth.umathi_at_...>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:31:23 -0000

As Mystic magic is to be left fallow in HeroQuest, now would be a good time to try and tidy up the rules for it.

I have a mystic as a key part of my campaign but the rules feel all wrong at the moment and from early postings on the subject, as well as arguments and discussions at various conventions I feel that little is really understood in this area.

My main concern with the current rules hinges upon Mysticism being treated as a separate magic system along side Theism etc. Whereas the Mystic experience is a universal one (all be it rare or misunderstood in many cultures).

A case in point would be the Orlanthi Mystics - Tarumathic Orlanthi. I am sure a follower of this order didnt say "daddy I think I'll be a Tarumathic Orlanthi when I grow up". One would no doubt start of as an Orlanth/Ernalda worshipper and then either drift towards a mystic point of view (possibly via direct, non-subcult Orlanth worship) or have a Fransiscan style revelation and be changed by the experience.

Either way I would expect the mechanics of mysticism to better reflect the current prevailing religious viewpoint in a given area. I would be happier to see a mechanic that allowed the Mystic to stay within the culturally accepted structure.

To take the St Francis model, (we can leave the argument about weather he was truly a mystic to one side) he could easily have been excommunicated if he had appeared more threatening to the Pope. Indeed an interview with the Pope was conducted. However, he was not and he was accepted. Indeed his order is still identifiable as Catholic, it didn't turn into a totally different religion with separate rites.

So I would imagine Tarumathic Orlanthi to be similar to Orlanthi. It would be expected that they would still take part in normal worship patterns and they would still be essentially theistic. Granted they would be a bit odd and may have forgone many of their feats but I would expect them to still have affinity style magic if only a "Mystic Storm" affinity.

What does everyone think, is it high time we tidied up the whole mystic thing?


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