Question about non-humans and Puma People

From: drpachyderm <dunlaing_at_...>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:54:23 -0000

It looks like there should be an exception to the concentration rule.

The Puma People and certain non-humans all seem to be born with Innate Magic. (I know someone suggested here that maybe the Puma People change using a spirit, but it's described as innate in the writeup). Unfortunately, in order to concentrate one's magic in anything other than Selfrock Teaching, innate magic, or that thing from the ILH, one has to give up all one's talents.

Since talents and innate magic are the same thing in the Glossary, this would seem to indicate that in order to concentrate in anything else, a Puma Person would need to give up his ability to turn into a Puma. Likewise, a non-human with innate magical abilities would have to give them up.

Is this intentional?

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