Re: Question about non-humans and Puma People

From: drpachyderm <dunlaing_at_...>
Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 15:41:18 -0000


> > The Puma People and certain non-humans all seem to be born with

> Innate

> > Magic. (I know someone suggested here that maybe the Puma People

> > change using a spirit, but it's described as innate in the

> writeup).

> No. Its not a talent. Its just 'something they can do.' As it says,

> its "Special Puma People Magic." Mr. Puma can still shapeshift even

> during the heroquest after he's become a wizard using type.

Well, if that's the official case, then it's very poorly written since it is described as innate magic and later on it says that all innate magic abilities are talents.

> I think that forcing players to give up the things that make their

> characters interesting its not really MGF...


> To give up shapeshifting would mean they aren't a puma person

Well, yeah. Hence the "It looks like there should be an exception..." part. It seems like a big enough deal to have warranted specific mention. Particularly if you're going to allow nonhuman races with innate magical abilities.

I also don't have *that* much exposure to Glorantha, so I didn't know if it was maybe intentional, as in a sort of "the big benefit of playing a human is that they can concentrate in any kind of magic" thing.

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