Common Magic Doth Rock And So Does Griselda

From: christoph_kohring <ChOK_at_...>
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 11:57:30 -0000


> >Good Lord, Common Magic Doth Rock. It will figure prominently in my
> >worlds, I know.
> Who else wants to see a new writeup of Griselda, this time using
> Concentrated Common Magic ? I reckon it's a much better fit to the
> stories.

Yeeeeees! Right! Spot on! Exactly what I thought when I read the Common Magic rules...

Oliver Dickinson, "The Complete Griselda", Oakland, CA: Issaries, Inc., 2001, p.214:

"She is a Heortling, and so is a communal worshipper of Orlanth and Ernalda, and attends their major ceremonies. Secretly, Griselda also worships Lanbril the Thief, loyalty to whom has become a family tradition."

I do want to see a new writeup of Griselda. I'm also eagerly waiting for the description of the Geo Heroband/Cult of which she is also a member.


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