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From: Svechin_at_...
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 12:11:57 EDT

> Upon re-reading ILH-1 in the light of HeroQuest (and the recent HW/HQ
> conversion notes), I find myself wondering if the Shargash secret ("Janata
> the Killer Bolt") should be handled as written, or according to the
> conversion notes' rules for "mystic strike" secrets.

It is a mystical ability, representing the higher power of Shargash - Rakenpas - or dissolution. So, yes, you could use the new conversion rule for it, we probably will in ILH3 - the Dara Happan book for the larger Shargash write up.

>I ask because I
> originally figured the Shargash secret to be an example of the HQ version
> the old "mystic strike" secrets, but then the conversion notes presented a
> different method.

It is and was. The cult was written in 2000 and done with the old "acts as a mystical strike" secret, now long defunct.

>As a result, the old "mystic strike" secrets are now easier to use than the
Shargash >secret as written. Is the Shargash secret supposed to operate by its own unique rules >as given, or is it an example of one possible way of re-doing "strike" secrets that was >later revised?

It was a redoing that has since been done in a broad way for all mystical strike type secrets and abilities. If the rules conversions had been out before we wrote ILH 1 then that would have been the way we went, but thems the breaks...

The Shargash write up in ILH1 is terse, limited and given purely as a taster so that folk who have not seen the cult in fanzines and the like can appreciate the Alkoth section in the book and realise what a scary god Shargash is, sitting right in the middle of civilised Dara Happa...The full meal deal in ILH 3 will have all the sub cults, heroes and special powers of the Destroyer.

Martin Laurie

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