Re: Re: Concentrated Magic Use

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 23:32:06 +0100

Ian Cooper wrote:
> My character Feren is an initiate, devotion to one subcult is not for
> Feren. Sure that does not give him as potent a magical choice, but as
> the clan skald he relies more on his satire to defeat his opponents.
> What HQ gives with the various systems in Gloranthan choices. I doubt
> they balance out, I do not think they were designed to balance out but
> my game fun is not affected, because I trust the narrator to create
> appropriate challenges.

This is certainly a valid point, and it's nice that HQ doesn't make "Become a devotee? Hell yes!" quite the de rigeur option it rather appeared to be in HW. (And I agree that 'balance' is hardly the issue.) What seems less than ideal is that the penalty to the concentrated character is not so much power, as 'interestingness', as Nick's examples seem to me to illustrate rather well. (De'il his due, n'at.) My preference would be, not to not ncessarily hose the characters, but to do the hosing somewhat more creatively.

Colour me slow on the update, but I've only just realized that in one respect, the misapplied worship rules of HQ are _less_ kinder, gentler than those of HW. Rather than 'double cost for doing the wrong thing', you now have a choice: double cost for everything, or it becoming _impossible_ to do the wrong thing at all. And I wonder if that's not going a bit far. Maybe one might instead make it quadruple (or whatever) cost for the concentrated magician to increase other magic, and perhaps some whacking limit/penalty if it's already 'too high' (he said, waving his hands rather). Then we still get a 'shall I or shan't I?' trade-off, without simply erasing part of the character, quite literally. Apologies if this is a less original thought than it currently seems to me -- did someone already suggest something along those lines?


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