Common Magic (was Re: Hsunchen & Puma People)

From: flynnkd2 <flynnkd_at_...>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 22:37:23 -0000

Some one suggested that concentrating didnt remove common magic, it just meant you were NOT supposed to use it. I like this idea much better, and that is how my game will work. If they fall back and use Common Magic then they will have to atone to their god for sinning. It makes much more sense to me that way. It also completely solves the Mr Puma issue, he can still shape change but he is sinning by doing so... the level of sin would determine the level of atonement and the level of effect... removal of access to all feats till they atone etc. As long as he didnt sin too often he might still be able to use his natural talent in an emergency. This also creates adventures... how do you atone...

Plus if he ever abandons his cult he would regain his old magic (and would still have a record of it on his character sheet).

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