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Nick H asked

>1. Do you have to be the clan chief to be in Orlanth Rex initiate, or
>just a clan leader? Is the later just a ring member? Do you _have_ to
>be on the ring? Is noble blood enough?

Since this is the rules list, I'll mostly say that the rules list typical abilities for the occupations. You don't have to have skills that match to become that occupation.

You can become chief if you are politically OR otherwise powerful enough to (though some clans may require noble blood -- this is rare in Dragon Pass). The chief is always the leader of the ring.

>2. If you are a devotee of something then can you ever become tribal
>king as this would imply you become a devotee of Orlanth Rex - which
>you dont have time for. And is it really the case that a devotee of
>issaries who becomes tribal king still spends 60% of his time on
>trade business and only has 40% left to spend on other stuff like
>being king?

I don't believe you need to be a devotee of Orlanth Rex in order to be chief or king. Initiate should be enough.

(And I completely agree with Robin's comments on the association between membership in the cult and political office.)

Off-topic aside to Philip: Fair Use does *not* require prior permission, though there are a series of tests that determine whether a specific use actually is fair.

Wulf, once again: blank lines, please (to separate quotes and non-quotes). Your message is in danger of being obscured by your formatting.

>I'd require an action to
>retrieve a fallen one, as it almost certainly involves turning away
>from the enemy.

Given how loose time is in a contest, I don't see how "I dive for my weapon and come up behind the Uroxi" is significantly different from "I leap for the chandelier and swing at the troll, jumping off at the last minute and stabbing him in the groin." Well, the latter might be a higher stakes bid, but if you think that retrieving a weapon is a risky maneuver, require a high stake.

> If you have Combat: Spear and Shield and lose
>the shield, you have an Improv penalty

I'd never do this. I think the improvisational modifier is for when your spear breaks and you switch to shortsword. (If this was hoplite fighting, with those huge shields, I might agree.)

David Boatright:

>complete lack of any sort of mention of the RMM

They're at least in the playtester list...

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