Re: Three Worlds headaches

From: Julian Lord <jlord_at_...>
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 14:56:45 +0200

Me :

> I do agree with Si however : the division of common magic into the
> various magic systems is confusing and provides no obvious benefit. I
> am utterly unimpressed by the fact that the Esvulari Hide in Cover is
> a Feat, Fire Stick is a Charm, and Conceal Object a Spell. The n
> worlds are meaningful, the n common magics (as presented) are not.

Si :

> I may be wrong though. When it comes to actualy creating characters
> and playing the game it may work out fine, but I am concerned that it
> will lead to fiddly minimaxing what common magic you get based on
> what magic you're going to concentrate on later. I'd be very
> interested to hear people's experiences of using the existing
> system
> in play.

See below :

> > AFAIK this is just some RQ-type paraphernalia that should have been
> > smashed to smithereens with a big stick.
> Funny how something quite specific to HQ is "RQ-type" in its badness,
> this being of course the Ultimate Insult (and nothing much to do with
> the content or merits of said game...).


> > Erm, obviously because you can mix magics, contrariwise to HW.
> But the only sanction HW has in practice is the dread misapplication
> penalties.

I don't like HW, only played it twice.

> In HQ, you get the equivalent of those (and interest) just
> for turning up, and having any sort of 'unconcentrated' magic. Where's
> the Grand Liberalisation in any practical terms?

It's a hell of a lot easier to play, and for newbies to come to terms with (and for me to present as game rules, too !).

> > Innate magic IMG provides Gifts. YGWV. Sheesh !!!!
> In HQ, innate magic provides talents. My Glorantha Won't be Varying.
> *mutters about pesky armchair HQ defenders-come-critics*

Well, to deal with the last first, I ran HQ last night with one Common Magic based PC and one Common Magic based NPC ...


I ended up just completely ignoring the various different varieties of Common Magic ; didn't tell the people who concentrated anything about Common Magic ; let the concentrated Common magic guy choose ten talents (I think I'll save my 'Gifts' idea for the future, but I _will_ use it where appropriate) (but I haven't used the "talking rock" in-joke yet : but it's coming ..).

Character generation was a little long (six players), but they got into the spirit of things pretty easily.

The Common Magic using NPC was really quite kewl IMO and the most powerful opposition (the two other strong NPCs were dastardly cowards, and one of them died because of it). I designed her using the old RQ spells as names for her Talents, and it worked _amazingly_ well. Basically, a good old RQ character written up in 10 minutes and with none of the bloody hassle !!

I for one will NOT be differentiating between the various kinds of talents !

Julian Lord, non-armchair person ;-)

PS I _really_ missed GMing, so I was a happy person last night.

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