Re: Re: 4 Worlds headaches

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 02:08:22 +0100

On Fri, Oct 17, 2003 at 05:58:13PM -0000, Antonio �lvarez del Cuvillo wrote:
> You have -potentially- a lot of innate talents, but you don't know it.
> Your common religion (mystical archers and things like that) teach
> you how to discover that you are innately talented. This is innate
> magic, but you have to do something to discover your own innate magic.

That I'd heartily approve of. It was never my intent to try and say 'you should never gain a talent in play, what with them being Innate', I should make clear. Their innateness way come about via a number of means, and for gaming purposes, hell, can be entirely after the fact. But once they're established as being innate, I think they jolly well ought to be treated that way. If some particular religion says they're a bar to you joining them, or they have some procedure for 'curing' you of them, that's well and good. I just don't want them to be whapped by some generic clause like the concentration rule.  

> Althought perhaps there is a little problem of gaming description
> (more suitable to HQ-RPG list?). I mean, you have to do what?

Or we could save them the trouble of kicking us out of there for pettyfogging  nitpicking, and go straight to the GD. Arguable any one of three ways (as is often the case).  

> I think the traditional methods (sacrifice, ecstatic worship,
> veneration) are used to CONTACT THE OTHERWORLD. So, what is/are the
> method/s of Common Magic?

I'd say there are two aspects; contact the otherworld, as you say, but also, correctly 'address' the type of entity encountered. After all, apparently you *can* contact the 'wrong' o/w with a given type of magic, it just isn't very efficient when it comes to Impressing the being on the other end of the line. "Sacrifice, eh? Well, I _suppose..." Which is by way of a preamble to saying that with CM feats, spells, and charms, you dispense with the first of these, but still have the second, to some degree (e.g. the methods are in some sense similar).  

> I would guess, no specific method, but a lot of things, depending of
> the common religion, etc, and normally a strange mixture. So, you can
> dance for a petty daimon, sacrifice to a mundane essence and things
> like that.

I think even inner world daimons have *some* standards. ;-) But yes, less methodologically delineated, though I suspect still correlated to a degree.

> Am I right? With talents, I would like also some kind of
> introspection (meditation, martial arts, crafting...).

If it's a matter of "realizing the talent you always had all along", I'd think so too. (In fact, Self Rock very much smacks of this already; imagine it on a larger scale, and you have m*st*c*sm in a nutshell, IMO.) Cheers,

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