Re: Mutli-culting seems to be out ?

From: Tim Ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 12:45:52 -0000

Hmm? I thought the rules seemed more relaxed in HQ than the HW approach. There was something (Possibly in BA?) that said a character could not be a devotee of one god and an initiate of another, and that initiates of two different dieties were extremly rare. I don't recall any such prohibition occuring in HQ, and ithought (without having the rules to check) that the "commitment" rules allowed one to belong to more than one cult. (This may be a cultural rather than "system" rule of course)

> What limits do people think are reasonable to a devotee of one god
> being an initiate of another, especially with what are
> supposedly 'ally' gods.

IIRC the "HW" rule for the Orlanthi was that although you couldn't be a Devotee of one God and an intiate of another, it was possible to be a devotee of one subcult, and an intiate of another subcult of the same diety.

> In the Pavis and Big Rubble campaign would it be reasonable for
> Orlanthi and Pavis to be considered 'allied' and thus allow cross
> over? Or is the variance too great? (Out of Pantheon?)

Interesting question. I'd be prepared to accept that anyone living in (and around?) Pavis could certainly worship the Pavis "pantheon" in addition to any initiation/devotion to any diety not incomaptible with such worship (the RQ equivalent of joining Pavis as a lay member while residing in the city). Initiating to both Orlanth and Pavis doesn't sound to incompatible either, but possibly devoting to either leaves you "too far" from the other to remain initiated
> What might be some examples of being a devotee to one god and an
> initiate of another....?

The one I was always plannng to do, although not allowed under the rules above, was a character who worshipped both Alusar The Spy (Yinkin subcult) and Niskiss the Lover (Orlanth subcult) - Devoted to one and initiated to the other...

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