Re: Re: Magic vs. Non-Magic Resistance

From: DaveCamo_at_...
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 20:09:24 +0000


>Camo said:
>>Under the HW model, there was really no difference between having a
>>mundane Jump 17 and a magical Great Leap 17. In HQ, there definitely is!
>And this is a good thing?

I think so.

>The thing that, for me, really made Glorantha
>*magical* in HW was precisely the non-differentiation (rules-wise) between
>magical and mundane abilities. A mundane "make fire" made fire equally well
>as a magical "ignite", apart from you not needing flint and tinder to make
>fire with magical "ignite".

And this is a good thing? ;-)

>Both abilities could be used to set fire to
>soaking-wet wood bewitched with quenching charms, taking the same

This part, at least, hasn't really changed. If the wood is magically wet, the "ignite" would need to overcome the magic's resistance, not 14.

>It gave Glorantha the faerie-mytho-magical qualities depicted
>in Princess Mononoke, where everything is suffused with magic, gods walk
>among men, and sufficiently high ability ratings allow you to do the
>impossible. In a sense, the Inner World of mortals felt like an Otherworld
>instead of a Mundane world.

Now see, I feel that the change in HQ from HW is *more* like this, not less.

Being able to do a standing leap to the top of a 20' wall certainly doesn't make the Inner World feel all that mundane to me! The fact that someone with a couple of masteries (and maybe the help of a hero point) can do that as well just makes it better to me.

>Now, i like HQ (especially for the less clunky rules-set) but the Glorantha
>it conjures has other qualities.


>*Enjoyable* qualities, I hasten to add,

Oh, ok. :-)

>but different.
>YGWV; i know mine has.

And so has mine. I have to say I like the idea someone had about adding as an automatic augment the ability that would be used to resist a mundane attempt (a wall's Tall 10W2 to give an augment of +5 to the normal magic resistance of 14, for instance). I'll probably use it.


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