Re: Argument Overridden

From: Stephen McGinness <stephenmcg_at_...>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:04:06 -0000

simon wrote:
> Actually, with regard to the tentacles combat, I have to agree
> with Paul. Slipping free of the tentacles and stabbing the beast
> are different activities for which different abilities are likely
> to be appropriate. Whatever ability you use, I'd probably impose
> an appropriateness modifier.

personally I would tend to rule in favour of the player and allow him to use his close combat and even allow an augment (probably not an automatic augment) with his escape-type ability. *If* I was going to insist that two abilities were necessary.

I wouldn't allow the character to be definitely entangled until the end of the contest - he could be getting entangled becoming more entangled or feels the coils tighten about him but not entangled until the end of the contest.

As I said - I might consider allowing such a thing using a 7AP purchase, not for a hurt but for a specific situational modifier. So the beast would have to succeed by at least 7AP to allow it to buy entanglement which might then provide situational modifiers to subsequent actions.  


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