Gladiator correction, was Re: 13th Warrior

From: crspain <crspain_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 14:42:09 -0600

> Cavalry charge through a *flaming* forest - even better! My wife heard (I
> did not, unfortunately) a bit of dialog early on, where one of the guys
> talks about adjusting the range of the catapults otherwise they'll hit the
> cavalry, and is told in reply, "That's okay, the cavalry is Greek".

She mis-heard. Quintus, the Legion's Deputy Commander, wants the artillery moved forward, but Maximus, the Commander, countermands his order. Quintus protests, "but the risk to the cavalry..." " acceptable, as I'm sure you'll agree," interrupts Maximus, thus settling the issue. Maximus then leads the cavalry charge personally, exposing himself to the same friendly fire risk his mounted troops have to face. Furthermore, they are regular Roman cavalry, with the correct-pattern shields no less, not Greek mercenary auxiliaries.

--Rich Spainhour

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