Re: Stacking Magic - and mundane abilities?

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Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:39:44 -0700

> > Prep time lasts fifteen
> > minutes for a five minute contest. This raises tedium to the
> level of
> > Olympic sport. <laugh>
> Well, you could always give the *players* a time limit - "Okay,
> you guys are
> facing these Lunar scouts. You have two minutes to write down your
> augmentsfor this fight. ... Okay, Time's up. What have you got?"

One idea I'm toying with is asking the players to spend some non-play time considering what typical situations their character might encounter, and what augments might apply in those situations. Of course, there are always variations in encounters, but it seems to me that it would be easier to take one of these ability/augment packages and add on one or two very specific augments that to do the whole thing over each time.

I'd also suggest explicitly listing the ability and each augment being applied, not just the total. For example (and this is all off the cuff, I don't have any of my notes here at work):

Fighting Lunars

   Sword and Sheild Close Combat 5W

      Hate Lunars            19     2
      Magic Sword            17     2
      Strong                 18W    4
      Equipment                     5
                            Total 18W

If later on the character is fighting Lunars in defence of his clan, the player can simply add an augment for Loyal to Clan to the Fighting Lunars ability/augments package rather than redoing the whole thing. The players can also update these package descriptions as they improve the abilities involved. And, of course, this would apply equally to non-combat situations. An Issaries merchant might consider various trade related situations, etc.

Its worth noting that I haven't tried this out in actual play.

Take care,
Paul Watson

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