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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2003 11:57:26 -0800

> Ob. Gloranthan reference: If Sacred Time corresponds with our Easter,
> what does Thanksgiving equate to?

Harvest festivals. So it would differ from region to region, depending on when the harvest happens. The Earth/grain goddeses would be thanked (animal moms too), propitiary rites to stave off Darkness, Hunger, etc would be done. The Harvest is over, the hardest, most important work of the year is done, and there is time to play games - and probably about the last time in the year that you'll be able to do so if you're in snowy climes. If the harvest is good and you won't starve you'll probably have a feast (with plenty of meat - animals that won't survive the winter are culled and either eaten immediately, or smoked, salted or other wise preserved). If the harvest was bad, you'll want to save as much food as possible for the winter months - no turkey and stuffing this year :-(.

> Ah, I know a better one: How do we play troll-ball in HQ?
> I observed that a HQ troll-ball game could almost be run as a two-
> presentor radio commentatory... You don't need to see who is where,
> as long as you get a description of the action... And who cares if
> it is not always exactly right. I think it typifies the difference
> between HQ and RQ styles of play.

If the players are important to the game as *players*, then you'd probably want to run Trollball like the old RQ way, with the players guiding their heroes on the pitch, using their own abilities. If the players are the leaders of the tribe ("I've got the Sazdorf Whackers and Tacklers as followers...") then the individual performance might not need to be rolled, just the current "drive":
Player 1: "Okay, I'll use the team's 'Pass Trollkin' to get the ball down the field, augmented by their 'Nasty Brutes with Mauls' to keep the other team off the passer and reciever"
Player 2: "Well I'm going for an interception with Leap High, augmented by 'Rushing the passer' to make him throw before he's ready." Narrator: "Okay, the Whackers and tacklers rush Grash, who passes the trollkin forward to 'Smasher' Semfak, and Tolrash leaps high into the air to intercept...[players roll fumble-fumble]...who drops it! The trollkin is running loose! The crowd goes wild..."

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- Richelieu

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