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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 14:13:50 EST

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<< It's Narrative rather than System because there was nothing in  the system to make that decision for the players - The Narrator could as  easily have just said "You defeat Darth by chopping off his hand, now the  Emperor is telling you to take his place..." But it *is* an important part  of the rehabilitation of Darth - he's not just defeated physically, but also  he is now on his way to turning away from the Dark Side. >>

>From a game point of view I think it would be better if this sort of thing
did come about as part of some sort of system justification, in other words, as the result of some player action/decision rather than an event that was just gonna happen. Even if the justifiication is some sort of penalty or consequence of a contest and was, in effect, hand waved by the narrator. What I am suggesting is that the players should be coming up with stuff to get results like this.

Mike' s following post explains better - in other words, I agree.


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