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Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 13:51:17 EDT

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<< > You'd THINK? Shouldn't you know? Surely Scorps are in AR?>>
> Yes, of course they are - but the occupational keyword > isn't
> its not a book about character generation.

    Will there be a book about chaotic characters generation or will it be left to the Narrators? Even if chaotics are meant to be just adversaries (a position I don't second) and their abilities are to be chosen on a case by case basis a list of keywords would help. after all you have to strike a balance between narrative usefulness and the character's credibility. Something like the occupational tables in the RQ3 creatures book would have  been enough, IMO. >>

     Well, you can deduce the most common occupational keyword for a species by reading the 'typical [occupation]' stats in AR or the Narrators Book. For NPCs, detailed keywords aren't essential, IMO, although I agree they could be useful. In many instances, keywords for similar professions among humans (or trolls, etc. once they're available) would provide enough guidelines for generating chaotic races with 'unusual' professions. Magic use is the most difficult to deal with, though, and I've no idea what book cults such as Malia and Thed will be described in, although I agree that they're important and I certainly hope to see them somewhere in the not-too-distant future!

     For generating PCs, though, you're right - you either have to make up the details or wait for the official ones. I don't know which book they'll be in, but as AR is more of a monster compendium than a Players Book, it ain't there.

     Perhaps they'll appear in relevant Players Books or Kingdom Books. Martin - any idea where the cult of Krarsht (which I pick as being notably Pelorian) will appear, for instance?


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