Re: Wrong Gods Worship

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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 05:29:35 -0000

> No problems at all, he could be a lay member of Teelo Norri, (shown
> on the character sheet as a relationship to the local temple
> probably).
> This wouldn't even seem strange to observers, as a large part of
> lunar population belongs only to common religion, so function only
> lay members at best of specific cults. In addition, I suspect that
> quite a few people who are initiated elsewhere take part as lay
> members of Teelo Norri, as a service to the community, etc. So I
> would guess that there are a fair number of repenting merchants and
> wealthy widows acting as lay member patrons of the temple, and many
> less wealthy general good citizens who are lay members who
> help feed the poor, make sure they are on the census, or do trade
> related services for the temple.
> Another option for such a character would be to specialize in
> magic, between general common magic and face of Lanbril, there are
> some talents that are very handy as active abilities!
> --Bryan

Thats a good idea, I will reccomend it.

Jesse Dean

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