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From: Graham, Andrew <agraham_at_...>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:03:41 -0000

> If a player (Humakti) says I want to 'Decapitate Foe' (Death
> Affinity) and scores a complete victory (through bumps, good dice or
> sheer mastery!) as a narrator do we assume the foe is decapitated if
> the AP's are not reduced to zero let alone -30 or more.
If you are running a simple contest then a complete success is what you want.
But it is up to what the narrator feels is appropriate. if you are fighting trolkin them any success might be enough to set heads rolling.
But in an extended contest you need to reduce the AP to -30 for it to work.

Though if the baddie had followers then you could narrate that one of his followers had been chopped if you had a complete success and the followers AP had been used up.

> And if
> allowed, what happens when fighting a major 'baddie'?
 Then you defiantly need to drive him to -30 ap preferably with the last blow causing a large loss.


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