Flaws-inverted rolls

From: Toksickburn_at_...
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:08:38 EST

Hey everybody!

I dont know if this is of any real use, but id like to share this idea i had with you.
When i posted that mail about armor yesterday, i suggested a flaw forplate armor-it may be nearly "undefeatible", but its also hot und cumbersome. Then i asked myself: how do you really use flaws in gameplay? The obvious answer is: as negative augments. Another idea might be to augment you opponent with your flaw, so that it works for him
to reverse the concept of ratings for flaws. A rating in HQ is how good you are. So a flaw must indicate how bad you are. How to play that ?:
whenever you resist or are forced to resist with your flaw, roll as usual, but invert your result, so that
a fumble becomes a complete success
a success becomes a failure
and so on
In a way you make the result of your opponent better with your flaw. Does this make any sense and can it ever really be used in gameplay ?

all the best

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