Re: Penalty

From: Moah, platypus powaaa! <MOAH_at_...>
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 02:29:06 +0100

Andrew Solovay wrote:

> On the other hand, if the Humakti has a minute or two, he can tie a short
> crosspice to the broom handle and make it into a "wooden sword". I'd bet
> that then he could use it as a sword, for all religious purposes. It
> wouldn't be a very effective weapon (especially since he'd have to use it
> *like a sword*, not like a club), but magically speaking it is a kind of
> sword, and his Humakti magic would work on it--though perhaps with a
> penalty.

> I'm sure there are stories of Death Swords who, in extremis, picked up a
> wooden practice sword and started chopping off heads.

Miyamoto Musashi ?

Moah, platypus powaaa!

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