Re: Sample Shaman

From: yinkin_the_cat <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 18:38:48 -0000

That is spooky.

> I note that in your write-up he recieved the 5 Tradition Charms -
> wondered in, in fact, one got these if one was a practitioner and
not just a
> spiritist. In general, there seems to be some confusion with the
rules about

You have to be a spiritist to be a practitioner. You cannot belong to a practice unless you also belong to a tradition.

> Further, the sample character started with three fetishes (or are
these just
> practice spirit charms)? Did you have to buy these separately? I

IMO there isn't much point stating play as a practitioner if you don't have a couple of fetishes. The rule section in the book (animist chapter) is mainly focused on how to become a practitioner during play. If you do it during character creation I'd rule that you gain 2-3 fetishes for free.

> they're listed at 17, but don't they start at 13? That's what the

As a starting character, any ability granted as part of a keyword is at 17 so that is how I interpretted these fetishes.


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