Re: follower actions vs. multiple attackers

From: Philippe Sigaud <sigaud_at_...>
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 11:56:25 +0100

bethexton_at_... wrote:

> Rule wise, Bob started off the fight with the score for his staff
> equal to his skill plus any augments, and with AP equal to that plus
> 17 for his guard's sword skill. When they find themselves facing
> four attackers, he faces the first two at his regular defense, then -
> 3 on the third, and -6 on the fourth.
> Now Dan wants to join the combat. The goal is for Bob to have no
> penalty against the third attacker, and only -3 against the fourth.
> Dan can't add his AP to Bob at this point. He could augment him, or
> loan him AP I suppose. How would you rule what is sufficient
> commitment to count as a third defender?

Why can't he add his AP? Is that forbidden by the rules? I personally authorise any AP adding (even from fellow PC) if someone join the fight. That's what Dan is doing there.

Btw, my current players tactics is to go for augments as far as they can. That is, even their followers are used for augments and not AP lending. They all saw that attacking someone stronger than you with many AP is only a quick way to give _him_ many AP in turn. They much prefer to be the strongest one and then begin to bash on the opponent's head.


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