Tentacles News Post February: Tentacles Monstrous!

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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 23:52:41 +0100

Volume 5, Number 1, February 2004

~~ S l u r p F o l k s ! ~~

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T e n t a c l e s M o n s t r o u s !

The theme is set! Tentacles will go Monstrous! More games, more drinks, more fun!? Looks like it! So far over 90 dedicated gamers have signed up for Tentacles without one single line of advertisement or second thought! Wow - we got the message! The other 70 out there should sign-up soon:

~ Tentacles Monstrous ~

28th - 31st May 2004
HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu and
Eternal Champion Game Fest
Castle Stahleck, Germany

The price for residential membership is 90 Euro and includes bed, breakfast and dinner.

Residential membership is available at this price until 31st March 2004. After this date we will charge a late fee of 10 Euro.

Non-residential membership is 25 Euro for the whole event.

Sign-up here:

Let's see what we have lined up so far...

T h e I m m o r t a l B a n d o f H e r o e s

S t a f f o r d, Greg
Mr. HeroQuest and the Godfather of Glorantha is invited and would love to attend but is right now having difficulties to find the time to attend. But Tentacles has not given up to get him back this year! Of course, we have not yet released the demons from the Fourth Lunar Hell...

P e t e r s e n, Sandy
Tentacles is still in love with him and he loves us back! The bald mastermind behind Call of Cthulhu will be back and again hurl more games and fun at us then we will be able to digest! Last year Sandy could not recharge his gameboy for his flight back home so he decided to write a Call of Cthulhu FreeForm for us instead. We will proudly host his 'Evil High Priest'! Watch out - this time he will bring his family!

W h i t a k e r, Lawrence
Loz almost a legend, true Eternal Champion, a Straw Dog and good friend will be back! Hozzah! Loz will spearhead the Eternal Champion eventsand games at Tentacles! Loz wrote a fresh Hawkmoon scenario for us called 'Skay'ana's Tears'! We will ply him with enough drinks again to get him to read some of his latest works as well.

B r a y, Simon
Simon is alive and kicking despite having a real job and being father,husband, author, artist and editor of far too many great Glorantha material and one of the nicest guys on the face of the earth and under the sun! Simon will host his new Glorantha FreeForm 'Harem Nights'! Which will put Fonrit back on the map!

S c h i e m i c h e n, Wolfgang
THE famed and feared German CoC gamemaster, teacher, actor and phantomist clown will be around again and unleash horror at random victims and the usual subjects!

More heroes will be added soon!

~ F r e e F o r m Ga m e s ~

E v i l H i g h P r i e s t
a Call of Cthulhu FreeFrom by Sandy Petersen himself

Madness fills the void. Monolithic non-Euclidean doors open and a vast green corpulence oozes forth. Amorphous colossi of horror descend from the skies. Insane cultists intone ancient rituals of despair and destruction as humankind's brief reign draws close to its end. The stars are right! The Old Ones return in power and all their hideous glory!

Can heroic investigators stop this awful catastrophe! DON'T BE SILLY! This time we get to be the BAD guys!

Yes, it's the final Grand Conventicle to decide the fate of Earth. Which of the various horrendous Forces from Beyond will be able to take control of the world for its own nefarious lusts? And who will be the all-powerful minions of that conquering force? Will it include the degenerate Tcho-Tchos? The dreaded Silver Twilight Lodge? Or the loathsome cult of the Deep Ones?

You decide as we meet in an all-villain game of gibbering madness written by the Great Old Bald One Sandy Petersen himself. Play as Wilbur Whateley, the Shoggoth, or even Great Cthulhu itself!

H a r e m N i g h t s
a Glorantha FreeForm by Simon Bray

In the bazaar the storytellers and fakirs are chanting that the old world is dying and that Garangordos the Great Founder is returning to carve out a new one. The songs of the wise women who preach of new ways, new constellations and new moons drown their voices. In their towers and temples the sorcerers and priests prepare their potions, spells and prayers, new magic is being born into the world and they all seek to control it.

In the harem the courtesans whisper of the worries of their masters, as they anoint the brow of the bride to be. Her husband to be sits faraway waiting for his conquest to come, this wedding will change Fonrit and make him powerful and in Fonrit power is everything.

In the courtyards a blue skinned eunuch watches the rooftops, ever vigilant, ever mindful of his masters welfare. The great masarin lords sit upon their jewelled thrones counting their slaves and treasure, plotting against the changes to come.

Above the streets of the cities sit the great royal palaces, each countries ruler plots the downfall of the next, whilst trying to retain the stability of their own country and defend against the outside world. But the outsiders are coming, in the shadows lurks the thief, the assassin, the rebel and the pirate all-waiting for their moments to create havoc and destroy Fonrit.

To the east the dark jungles of Laskal beat to a different drum, the White Bear Warrior who came from the North has carved his empire, and now has departed leaving only his rapacious followers who look at Fonrit´┐Żs treasure with envy in their eyes. In the elf forests to the west the replanting has begun, the Umathelans and the Elves are on the march, expanding west into decadent Mondoro. To the north the seas churn, the monstrous malasp mermen rule the waters, their taxes grow stronger, their retributions worse. To the south the Nargan desert burns more deadly, and spews forth chaos, the people of Jolar, ancient enemies of Fonrit begin to move north, but in some cities they do not stand guard, but instead open their arms as if to welcome old friends.

This is Fonrit, a land of slaves and masters, where powerful tyrants dominate a huge underclass of impoverished slaves. It is a land of sowuks, bazaars, palaces and harems. It is a land of decadence that is about to crumble and be reborn; can you shape the new world to your own desires?

The Wonder of Clanking City
a Glorantha FreeForm by Ingo Tschinke and Helge Reuter

Two Mostali workcrews have dug a tunnel into the Clanking City to search for the eternal grease. Both Mostali foreman want to be the first to sink their hands into the eternal grease but they have to co-operate in order to achieve this goal.

Will they be able to upgrade their Mostali workers to cope with the obstacles in the Clanking City?

More games will be added soon!

~ M o n s t r o u s G a m e s~

S k a y ' a n a ' s T e a r s
a Hawkmoon Scenario by Lawrence Whitaker

Kyrus is free from Granbretan's tyranny, and the adventurers, as part of the liberating force, are hailed as Heroes by the Kyriot people. It is natural, then, for the villagers of Bogazi to turn to the adventurers for help in a matter that troubles them deeply. Three years ago, their village was almost devastated by the Plague; now, their people are dying once more and, to the villagers' horror, the Plague-dead return to life. But the villagers have, by miraculous fortune, captured a demon that is surely the root of Bogazi's troubles. They have no experience of such things, and look to the adventurers help them to take the Right Course of Action and free Bogazi from its torment.

But is the demon all that it seems to be? Could the vile sorcery-science of the Dark Empire be at work? Or is it something far stranger, far older and far, far more dangerous?

More games will be added soon!




~ Tentacles Monstrous ~
28th - 31st May 2004 HeroQuest, Call of Cthulhu and Eternal Champion Game Fest Castle Stahleck, Germany Sign-up here: http://www.tentacles-convention.de/regis.htm

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