semi-abstract combat style using the Simple Contest Table

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Date: Mon, 22 May 2000 15:08:01 +0100

I am posting a system using the Simple Contest Table for a combat involving potential round by round wounds. This is between the standard Combat system of RQ (but there is no weapon damage points or Hit points) and the abstract HW system (but the loser is suffering wounds effects each round). This could be used as an optional system to the Extended Contest if wound aspect in a combat is essential, or for players (like me) who prefer a less abstract combat system than the HW one.

Here is how it works :

I/ Each round, each player roll its Close Combat skill, and the two rolls are compared on the Simple Contest Chart, slightly modified has follows :

        Crit. Success Success Failure Fumble Critical
Success Marg. Effect* Minor Vict. Major Vict. Complete Vict.

Success Minor Defeat Marg. Effect* Minor Victory Major Victory

Failure Major Defeat Minor Defeat Marginal Effect* Minor Vict.

Fumble Complete Defeat Major Defeat Minor Defeat Marg. Effect*

Note :
* Marginal Effect : In this case, the lower roll wins, which means that the higher roll suffers a Marginal Defeat. In case of exact tie on dice as well, no effect that round.

II/ Results and effects (to be assessed each round): The loser suffers effects each round depending on his level of Defeat, as follows :

Marginal defeat (Dazed) : means that the losing character is dazed. He will have a –1 penalty on its next roll (only).

Minor Defeat (Wound) : means that the character suffered a light wound. This reduces all his skills by 1 foir the rest of the combat (or until healed). Multiple wounds are cumulative.

Major Defeat (Injured) : means that the character suffered a serious wound. This reduces all his skills by half for the rest of the combat (or until healed). If cumulated with previous injuries, skills are then 1/4, then 1/8,... – Wounds effects, if any, are subtracted after the injuries division.

Complete Defeat (Dying) : the character cannot do anything. He falls and will die if not helped promptly.

Complete Defeat bumped-up one level (Dead) : means the character is immediately struck dead by the blow.

Note :
A character whose ability is reduced to 0 or less due to Wound or Injury modifiers is out of combat.

III/ Effect of weapons types and armour :

The edges of weapons affect the gravity level of the blow if the roll is below or equal to the edge.

For example, if a character gets a Minor Victory with his sword^3 blow, he would normally inflict a Wound to the loser, but this would become an Injury if his roll was 3 or less.

For Armour, this is the reverse principle. If a character suffers a Defeat, but his roll was under the handicap of the armour, the level of the blow suffered is reduced one level (possibly no wound if it was a Marginal Victory). Obviously, both edges/handicap may cancel each other.

Note :
It is possible to have very deadly weapons, such as weapons with a 15 or more edge. A mastery edge is also possible : A 5W edge for example, means that if the roll is below 5, the gravity of the blow is increased by two levels ! If between 6 and 20, gravity is increased by 1 level anyway (So a very nasty weapon !). But similar strong handicap armour can counteract the effects of such edges.

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